Monthly Archives: January 2015

New Strings and Site Update

The strings on my Uke have been showing their age. The tone had rapidly deteriorated and some of the strings were showing ware, they were beginning to flatten and fray. So, it was time to restring it with some brand new Aquila strings.

This was a great opportunity to be able to write the ‘How to Restring’ page on the site. You can now see how I went about doing this including some photos to guide you through the process. The first one is always difficult to do, but it gets easier from there. Remember to do one string at a time, don’t take them all off first, that way you can look at the others for guide. Also in this update, I’ve put a testimonials page up where you can see what past students have said about their lessons or workshops.

Right, I’m off to go play my newly strung uke!


Happy New Year!

Being a new year, it would seem traditional to have a resolution, or at the very least a challenge – and that’s what I have planned. It’s actually more a result of the Uke Orchestra and those people who are asking me for lessons, and of course personal interest too! The challenge is to spend more time looking at picking tunes and patterns.

We made a fantastic start on this in the first meeting of the Ukulele Orchestra this week. A few months ago I saw the UOGB (Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) on the TV performing a compilation of songs with a mixture of strumming and picking – ‘we’re going to do that!’ I decided. So in the most recent Raunds Uke book I wrote out the arrangement with words and picking, it’s got the imaginative ‘Uke Mix’ title for the moment.

So we tried this out on Thursday and the results were amazing! It took about 40 minutes for us to learn it, and we were mentally exhausted by the end, but it is going to sound amazing. I felt a bit sorry for the new members who joined us, but they were smiling just as much as us!

That’s the plan for this year then, picking tunes and using more tab. We are already booked up until the summer with various performances at the Raunds Music Festival, a concert in Thrapston and performing with the Raunds Community Choir in the summer. Loads to look forward to!