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I’m Moving!

It’s time to say goodbye to this website and hello to the new one.

In the next few days this site will disappear, but don’t worry there’s a brand new one waiting for you to explore!

The new address isĀ

Head over there to keep up to date with what’s going on, see the latest courses and continue to get to all the stuff you like about this site. See you over there!!


It’s Been Rather Busy!

Starting a new term at school is always really busy, which means I haven’t had much time to write here. However there is lots going on!

Raunds Ukulele Orchestra will be putting on a massive concert in March next year, with special guests ‘A Different Direction Choir’ (my competition choir which formed last year). It promises to be a great evening of music and song, look out for more details!

Plans are also well in development for the beginners course at Knuston Hall in January. If you want to learn to play, or have been looking for a way into the Ukulele, this is your chance! See the post below.

There’s lots planned for the remainder of this year and into next year – keep checking back to find out what happens!

New Course Announced!

I am proud to announce that over this weekend Knuston Hall, a local adult education centre set in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, have approached me and asked me to lead a residential course in January. The dates have now been confirmed and I am very excited!

You can find more details under the ‘learn to play’ menu. Here you can see what the course is about, when it will be and how to book a place.

This could be your chance to book on a course and finally learn to play that uke you’ve had sitting in the corner for months!

Preparing for Performance

Summer is proving to be a very busy time of year, there are a lot of concerts going on!
At school we have an ‘arts fest’ and are busily helping our students prepare for their performances. The Ukulele Orchestra has a few big events too. Firstly we are playing at the Leamington Spa UkeFest on 4 July- we’ve never played here before, yet are very proud to be opening the evenings entertainment by being first on stage at 8pm. We also have a joint concert with Raunds Community Choir on 11 July at St Peter’s Church, we’ll be playing in the second half.

All these events require plenty of practice and detailed consideration of what we are going to do. We’ve got our set lists sorted, making sure there is plenty of variety, but keeping our favourites in too. Just one or two rehearsals left and then we should be all ready – can’t wait!

Folk Festival

It’s been a while, so an update is well and truly needed!

The Ukulele Orchestra have had a great time over the last few weeks. A fortnight ago we performed at the Raunds Folk Festival. Firstly at the opening jam session where we outnumbered the other players by at least 2:1! Then the following night we played in the interval at the Ceilidh. That was a great night, the crowd were fantastic and we were also cheered on for an encore, a first for us, and we loved every minute of it! The dancing and cider was great too!

Then as an extra, I did a ukulele workshop for beginners. As always this was great fun, I always love watching the confidence of the participants grow. This time was no exception, it started with seven rather nervous and quiet participants, but ended with seven smiling and singing uke players – great to see people getting so much fun from the uke, and all this after just an hour of playing!

We’re now busy preparing for our next few rehearsals, we have a gig at Raunds Church on 11 July, and excitingly we will be performing at the Lemmington Spa UkeFest this year. Will be great to see what other performers are up to and see what we can learn.

Look out for us, and if you can, come and see us play and say hi!

‘Learn to Play’ Session for total beginners

My next ukulele workshop for complete beginners will be during the Raunds Folk Festival on Saturday 2nd May at 2.30 pm. Places are limited and you can book your spot through their website here:

This is an exciting opportunity to take part in a one hour session aimed
at complete beginners who have always wanted to play the ukulele.
The workshop is primarily pitched as an adult course although older children
should be able to take part successfully if accompanied throughout
the session by an adult.

We will learn to play a few simple chords and in no time have you strumming,
singing and smiling.

‘If you do one thing this month, learn to play the ukulele…’

Here’s a great little article from the Guardian which highlights just how easy it is to pick up the uke and play. We all found this in the orchestra and the people I am teaching at the moment are finding similar.

And if you’re interested in learning to play, I’m running a beginners workshop in the Raunds Music Festival in May. Head over to their website to book your place

Pick up a uke and give it a go!